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Making the Most: Developing Research Capability

posted 24 Sep 2014, 05:47 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 4 Mar 2015, 06:42 ]
Research & Development can seem a daunting area to many companies. Men in white coats and laboratories are the first thoughts that most people have when the topic is raised, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Research & Development Help in RotherhamWhat Exactly is R&D?
Almost every product or process that we use today was first researched and then developed to get it to a point where it was adopted by users. Much of this was organic; a natural ability by companies to make things better and improve the functionality of their product or process over time...which is why so many companies we speak to don’t feel they qualify!

How do I know what Qualifies?
There are a number of different programmes and levels of assistance to companies, so it’s worthwhile getting in touch if you are developing something new. Usually, if you are looking at a new way of doing or making something, it’s worth asking the question. This doesn't have to be in a laboratory, but could be on the factory floor, a process or even a new IT system.