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Model Business Generation with the ‘Business Model Canvas’

posted 18 Sep 2014, 04:21 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 18 Sep 2014, 04:24 ]
When it comes to planning your business growth, whether as a company starting up or an established business, knowing where to start is never easy! RiDO business advisors recently attended the ‘Business Model Canvas’ training workshop to help companies in the borough effectively plan their growth.

So what’s it all about?

The Business Model Canvas, delivered by US based Varela Consulting, takes participants on a journey through the business planning process, but from a new and unique angle.
Advisors on the course were shown how to use the framework to narrow down the numerous ideas and avenues that most businesses have when first looking at initiating a project. By using a large-scale version of the canvas model in a group environment, participants can visualise, order and re-organise key elements of the business growth plan.
The flexibility of the programme allows business owners to avoid costly mistakes by exploring options and back-tracking where necessary to choose more effective strategies.
Using this approach, it’s possible to identify key parameters and influences within and outside the business and build effective business model prototypes. 

Visualising Communication
The programme highlights the effectiveness of using visual representation to communicate messages, both when developing the Business Model Canvas and for wider use within teams and to customers alike. Visually engaging these groups allows for a quick understanding to be developed with the target audience and removes the reliance on lengthy documents to convey your message. 

How you can benefit from the programme
RiDO offers a number of business support programmes for companies looking to start up or grow in the borough. Services range from business planning to human resources assistance, finance to research and development. To access these services and more, please contact RiDO here or browse the website for further information.

About the author: Andrew Klinkenberg works on the South Yorkshire Sector Growth Enhancement Programme, assisting high growth small and medium sized companies to reach their true potential through targeted access to support and contacts across the South Yorkshire and wider Sheffield City Region.