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JCP Partnership Opportunities in Rotherham

posted 23 Apr 2012, 07:31 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 23 Apr 2012, 07:33 ]
Jobcentre Plus South Yorkshire District has announced plans to provide grant funds to support the delivery of partnership opportunities. This is aimed at encouraging Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Incapacity Benefit (IB) customers who have not entered the Work Programme, into self employment.

Organisations must be 'not for profit’ or have a ‘not for profit arm' in order to apply and any funding awarded would be subject to State Aid De Minimis limits.

The minimum requirements for the partnership include:
• Business ideas generation
• Business planning/market research
• Financial planning
• Customer insight and marketing
• Mentor support for 13 weeks after trading commences.

The required outcomes, targets and/or indicators of successful delivery of the partnership are:
• The programme will assist up to 30 ESA/IB customers in Rotherham, and 60 in each of the three other locations, looking to move into self employment, per borough, between June and 30 November 2012.
• 25% of those who complete the programme will start trading within 13 weeks.

The Grant Funding priority is to improve employment outcomes for all pre-Work Programme customers. Within this, the following specific areas of focus have been identified:
• Support to overcome barriers to work with particular emphasis on young people
• Increased help for people with underlying health conditions.

Proposals are welcomed that support the policy intent of partnership working (to support DWP’s objectives and help maximise off-flow into employment/reduce economic inactivity). There are two elements to the grant funding process with a closing date for applications at 5pm on Monday 30 April 2012:

Single applications – Partners/partnerships submit an application to the fund for specific activity that will help improve employment outcomes across all/part of South Yorkshire. These applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis. There is no specification, ‘competition’ or deadline. Any application for grant funding will be assessed on its merits, taking into account local partnership priorities. Successful applications in this category will be for small amounts of funding not exceeding £10,000.

Competitive applications – In consultation with key local partnerships, we will also publish application specifications and invite partners to submit proposals against specific criteria. These applications will be competitive, have a deadline and will be assessed to ensure that the minimum criteria is met before being scored against quality criteria. The specification will include the amount of grant funding on offer and the outcomes that are required. The application form and guidance will be provided when proposals are sought.

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