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Your Chance to Sponsor Wath Festival!

posted 27 Jan 2011, 01:46 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 15 Feb 2011, 02:24 ]
Wath Festival has been running successfully for 39 years and has expanded tremendously in recent years so that now it is the largest music festival of its type in South Yorkshire. 

Last year was our best Festival ever– we were also named as runner up best UK Folk festival 2010 beating many other larger festivals. The event centres on the Bank holiday weekend and consists of three elements 1) Music festival 2) Community Festival 3) Youth promotion.

The festival’s aims are to:
- Support and involve the community of the Dearne Valley.
- Assist in the economic regeneration of the Dearne Valley.
- Raise the profile of the local area on a national level by bringing some of the biggest names in the national and international music industry to the festival.
- Nurture and support the creative talents of local people especially youngsters.

The annual cost of our Festival is close to £40,000, some of this comes from ticket sales and our own events  but like all festivals we also rely on sponsorship and to that end we would ask you to consider sponsoring Wath Festival – as we are a charity any sponsorship is tax-deductable. Total audiences last year were 7500 people, mostly from South Yorkshire, but coming from as far north as the  Orkney Islands and as far south as  Isle of Wight. We believe we can work with you for mutual benefit. We can offer a range of packages depending on the level of sponsorship, including mention in press releases and on our website; for a significant sponsorship, particular concerts or events can be branded in your company name; we can arrange to distribute leaflets during the Festival and provide a stall over the weekend of the festival. We can also help you to raise your community profile in a number of ways. Although we are happy to agree a  one year sponsorship package, we would be very interested in discussing long term links to everybody’s advantage. Due to declining public funding for the Arts, we need to raise more private sponsorship if we are to continue.

We are rooted in the community and have a policy of ensuring that we promote local artists. Visitors to our festival spend money locally thus helping in local community regeneration. There are a lot of positive benefits to being seen to be involved in, and sponsoring, the local community and we can raise your community profile in this area. I am more than willing to come to your premises in order to discuss this further with you. I look forward to hearing from you. For further discussions please contact David Roche (Chair) on 01709 879211 or 07792421800.