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Dormer develops tools that can stand the heat

posted 4 Feb 2011, 06:32 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 15 Feb 2011, 02:22 ]
Dormer Tools has launched its first range of products developed specifically for machining Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSA).  

Developed at Dormer’s facility on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham, the Elect S drill offers the opportunity for key industries, such as the energy sector, to machine high temperature resistant alloys like titanium, inconel and waspalloy – materials which are notoriously difficult to machine. 

David Goulbourne, Dormer’s development manager for drilling products, said: “Materials of this type generate extreme cutting forces during machining, leading to high pressure and heat which can cause work hardening. 

“Secondly, because they are able to withstand high temperatures, the heat generated during drilling is retained within the workpiece and transferred to the tool, resulting in premature drill failure.

“The Elect S drills will be of particular interest to anyone involved in the production of high value components or requiring a high degree of precision, such as aerospace subcontracting, oil and gas and nuclear industries.”

In addition to internal coolant holes, several features of the Elect S drills combine to lower the occurrence of work hardening. These include a body back taper that promotes a free, continuous cutting action as well as high quality, accurate holes. 

A self centring 140 degree point angle, cylindrical margin and positive cutting edge geometry also work to minimise frictional cutting forces, leading to consistent tool performance and minimal work hardening.

Another key attribute of the Elect S drills is a smooth-flow coating that acts as a thermal barrier, protecting the substrate from the extreme heat generated at the cutting edge. This also has a low coefficient of friction, resulting in smooth and efficient chip evacuation and, in turn, extended tool life.

Elect S drills are available in two lengths to support drilling to 3x diameter (R507) and 5x diameter (R503). 

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