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Videos Currently Featured in the RiDO Player:
16/12/2009 - Richard Branson presents Virgin Racing Formula 1
At the launch of Virgin Racing Formula 1 caught up with Sir Rirchard Branson on his Formula 1 team and spoke with Team Principal John Booth about his plans in Formula One.
To read more about Rotherham's involvement in Virgin Racing Click Here.

27/08/2009 - Andy Pickles Introduces U-Explore
CEO Andy pickles talks about the advantages of the interactive digital media U-Explore system developed in Rotherham.
To read more about U-Explore Click Here.
30/11/2009 - Bloodhound SSC Vs Jet Fighter
Watch in awe at this computer simulation of the 1,000mph Bloodhound braking through the sound barrier in a heads-up race against a fighter jet.  
To read more about Rotherham's involvement in The Bloodhound SSC Project Click Here.