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Rotherham based recruitment firm have the UK’s fastest broadband

posted 5 Nov 2010, 07:35 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 5 Nov 2010, 07:41 ]
Industrial Personnel ltd, one of South Yorkshire’s most successful recruitment agencies has another accolade to add to the list. With a download speed of 66Mbps Industrial Personnel have the UK’s fastest broadband connection. This exceptionally high speed internet connection was provided by Digital Exchange Ltd in partnership with DRBSY Ltd. The connection makes use of the revolutionary new South Yorkshire fibre optic network, a unique collaboration between Yorkshire Forward and the four local authorities in South Yorkshire.

Phillip Buckley, managing director of Industrial Personnel ltd said, “Like most businesses we are heavily reliant upon the internet to operate. Whether it’s email, accessing recruitment websites or online banking we need to have access at all times. We have been using a standard broadband connection for the past couple of years but we were only getting a speed of around 3Mb. Prior to our IT support company (Digital Exchange) making us aware of the new South Yorkshire capability, our only option for a higher speed connection was a leased line which carried with it installation and rental costs running into the thousands. This simply wasn’t an option for us. Now we have a high speed internet connection that is not only cost effective, but will allow us to grow our business in ways we couldn’t have before. We are already looking at the possibility of video interviewing candidates via Skype or Microsoft Messenger as a way of streamlining the recruitment process.”

Neville Wilkinson, Technical Director of Digital Exchange commented “We have been rolling out DRBSY VDSL connections for a couple of months now with an average connection speed of 35Mbps. We always run a speed test in front of the client to demonstrate the dramatic increase in performance in comparison to their old connection. We were expecting a very quick connection with Industrial Personnel ltd due to their proximity to the street cabinet. When we saw the test results, even we were a little surprised to see such high figures! This level of connectivity at this level of price is simply unmatched anywhere else in the UK, giving South Yorkshire businesses a real competitive advantage. Remote Data Storage, Cloud Computing and High Definition Video Conferencing are just some of possibilities when you are not confined by poor connectivity.”

George Taylor, CEO DRBSY Ltd commented "This is an excellent illustration of the unique capability we have in South Yorkshire, DRBSY are extremely happy to confidently say we have the fastest broadband in the region! People are now starting to realise that this new ultra fast service is not a pipe dream, Digital Exchange are delivering living proof by bringing on new connections daily.