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Rotherham’s EMSc (UK) Ltd secure local council buy-in to Powerstar

posted 11 Nov 2010, 00:36 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 11 Nov 2010, 00:38 ]
The Powerstar voltage optimisation system is set to help three local councils to lower their energy consumption and reduce the size of their carbon footprint. 

Rotherham based EMSc (UK) Ltd have secured agreements with Tower Hamlets Council, Cotswold District Council and Derby City Council to install the Powerstar system in some of their buildings. The Councils are set to save more than £24,000 in electricity bills, 240,000 kWh of electricity consumption and over 153 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Tower Hamlets Council, in London’s East End, has installed a Powerstar system at Albert Jacob House, after Powerstar identified an opportunity to save a minimum of 12% in electricity consumption. Following the installation, an annual saving in electricity consumption of 54,065kWh will be achieved, equating to savings of £6,411 in annual electricity charges and 30 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum.

Derby City Council is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by 25% by 2013/14 as part of a ‘Climate Change Strategy’. Due to this, the Council decided to install Powerstar systems in the Eagle Centre market, the Environmental Services Parks Management depot and the Market Hall. The council is set to save at least £10,000 per annum in electricity costs, 128,972 kWh in electricity consumption and 69.2 tonnes of carbon emissions, with the system installed at the Eagle Centre market alone expected to reduce electricity consumption by 14.6%.

Cotswold District Council has a carbon management plan that aims to cut CO2 emissions by 25% by 2015. Powerstar was commissioned to install a unit at Cotswold Leisure Centre, enabling savings in energy consumption of 57,614KwH and an overall energy saving of 8%. The Centre has also decreased its carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions by 54 tonnes. In monetary terms, Powerstar is projected to make an annual saving of £7,800 on the Leisure Centre’s electricity costs. 

Councillor Mark Tufnell, cabinet member for environment and communities, Cotswold District Council commented, “The introduction of the Powerstar unit at the Leisure Centre building is a significant contributor to Cotswold District Council’s energy saving programme. I am particularly pleased that we have reduced costs while contributing to our goal of achieving a 25% reduction in harmful carbon emissions by 2015.”

Powerstar is the only voltage optimisation system designed and manufactured in the UK and is the highest rated with an efficiency of 99.91%