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Materialise UK unveil latest developments in low volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping technology

posted 4 Nov 2010, 03:02 by RiDO Rotherham   [ updated 4 Nov 2010, 03:05 ]
Visitors to the recent TCT Live show were able to learn more about the latest developments in low volume manufacturing and additive manufacturing software technology, courtesy of Rotherham based Materialise UK Ltd.

Materialise is the world leader in rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing solutions, offering expert services in these areas as well as being a provider of innovative software solutions. Amongst its clients it boasts many leading companies from the aerospace, automotive, medical technology and consumer electronics/ consumables sectors. 

Visitors discovered how the comprehensive range of additive manufacturing software solutions contained in the Magics e-Solution Suite can maximize efficiency, minimize lead-times, and automate the design processes, removing bottlenecks whilst boosting quality and repeatability. Visitors also witnessed the release of the most recent version of software from the Magics e-Solution Suite. TCT Live saw the UK debut of the Magics 15 software, the latest Windows 7 compatible version of the market leading software solution for the rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing industry. Magics 15 optimises core additive manufacturing software operations to help you work faster and smarter, by streamlining additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping set-ups with tailored and integrated software solutions.

In terms of additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping solutions, Materialise not only offers customers obvious cost and lead-time advantages, but also provides increased design freedom and the possibility to personalise products aimed at a niche markets.

Its Low Volume Manufacturing Solutions enable production ready components to be manufactured in days, with minimal investment costs. Such solutions are already used in the production of concept cars, patient-customised medical implants and bespoke design products, where the quantity of products required are too small to justify a conventional production mould investment.

Materialise has the innovative technologies to build single piece products up to 2100x680x800mm, allowing large components such as automotive dashboards and bumper assemblies to be cost-effectively produced. The technology was also used earlier this year to produce a full sized replica of King Tut’s mummy for an exhibition in New York.

Philip Hudson, Managing Director of Materialise UK said;

“The show was very successful, and a great opportunity to show the latest capabilities of our rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing services, in addition to our additive manufacturing software solutions.

“Techniques and materials have advanced in such a way that they can be used in production environments and allow our manufacturing solutions to rival traditional subtractive production technologies, whilst also offering degrees of customisation unthinkable only a few years ago. The technologies have applications across a wide range of industry sectors and the interest in the solutions we received at the show reflects this fact.”

The centrepiece of the Materialise stand at the TCT show was a Skeleton Challenge where visitors were able to experience the thrills of extreme winter sport. Materialise manufactured the composite sled, which combined with head mounted 3D technology and incorporating sophisticated balance and movement systems developed by Bromley Technologies, provided the Challenge’s unique immersive skeleton simulator experience. Over 30 riders took part in the Challenge on each of the show’s two days, with the daily winners being Joe Stuart of Spoke BMX on Day One and Paul Suttle of Inneo Solutions on Day Two; both winners receiving Flip HD Camcorders.

For more information on Materialise’s low volume manufacturing and additive manufacturing software technologies visit: