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Fripp Design develops new innovative display system for pallets

posted 27 Jul 2010, 02:47 by RiDO Rotherham
Fripp Design and Research, one of the UK’s leading product design, research and business consultancies, has designed and developed a new innovative Point of Sale (POS) system for bulk purchase retailers to promote their in-store products currently displayed on pallets.
Photo right: Pallet Sign from Fripp Design and Research uses previously unused selling space to create sales opportunities for retailers and manufacturers, as well as smartening up in-store pallet displays.
Fripp Design and Research identified an opportunity to improve the profitability of retailers and developed Pallet Sign, with the help of CHEP, a global leader in pallet and container pooling services. It cleverly uses the previously unused space on the side of pallets to promote goods in-store and is a simple but effective POS strip which clips onto a pallet, allowing retailers to insert POS information, such as special offers and bulk buys.
Steve Roberts, director at Fripp Design and Research explains: ‘Many retailers use pallets to display fast moving goods to save time and avoid the risk of damaging them. We recognised that the problem with pallets is that they can look unsightly in-store and product packaging is not always designed to sell the benefits of the individual products for sale. Pallet Sign hides pallets from view, as well as providing retailers and manufacturers with a vital POS sales tool to help them promote products to customers.’
Pallet Sign can be retrofitted onto any pallet and uses a lightweight chassis to create a cleaner, smarter in-store display, which is both durable and waterproof. In addition, the innovative product adjusts to fit in with the environment and can be wrapped around single sides, multiple sides or entire pallets to maximise the shelf impact of individual products.
Pallet Sign, which was launched by Fripp Design and Research at the In-Store 2010 show held at London’s Olympia, and was extremely well received by retailers of goods sold from pallets such as DIY stores, discount supermarkets and commercial wholesalers. What was unexpected was the reaction from the major retailers “It would seem that all of the major retailers want to sell products from Pallets but have, until now, found they did not fit the store environment” commented Roberts “Pallet wraps are OK but they are easily damaged and suffer from water ingress. With Pallet Sign, both these problems are taken away; Pallet Sign represents new lower cost product delivery opportunities for retailers” Roberts continued “For the brand owners Pallet Sign is a new opportunity to not only brand and advertise their products in store, but represents a new opportunity to secure valuable retail floor space to sell their products ahead of the competition too”
Fripp Design and Research is currently looking for distributors/licencees of its new pallet POS display system, which is 100% owned by themselves.